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Future Leaders

Workshop Overview

Effective leadership requires you to be able to both lead yourself and others. On Day One you will develop your own detailed plan for personal success and on Day Two you will learn how to effectively lead others. The program is full of practical, fun activities while at the same time providing you with thought provoking material that is guaranteed to shift your thinking about personal success and leadership.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop students will have:

  • Understand the Core Concept, Five Principles and Six Vital Strategies that drive life balance, professional and personal success;
  • Have developed your own detailed plan for life balance, professional and personal success; and
  • Have a clear understanding of what leadership means to you and exactly what behaviours you will need to exhibit if you wish to be an effective leader.

Delivery Options

This is a two day program


“The two day workshop was an outstanding use of my time and very informative about what is required of a leader. Gary was very inspirational and open to questions, making sure that students understood the content whilst giving examples to further his point. His personality was very easy going and made the workshop run very smoothly.”

Michael Nguyen, undergraduate leadership program

“Gary provided us with excellent insight in to leadership. He introduced concepts, explained them with clarity and actively involved us in discussions. The two day workshop was worthwhile and definitely valuable!”

Jacqueline Chan, undergraduate leadership program

“I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but this workshop has really brought to light aspects of leadership that I hadn’t previously even considered. The first day, centred around leading yourself was very informative for me and really helped me define what I actually want in the future. I’m still a little unsure of the future but I think that I will be ready and capable of handling anything that happens.”


“Thanks for some great insightful sessions. I’ve broadened my knowledge of leadership not only leading others but more importantly leading myself in to the future.”

Jessica Tait, undergraduate leadership program

“The two day workshop have been very beneficial for me as it helped me be more self-aware of myself through the fun activities I participated in. I’ve learned important skills which I will try to take on board in the future when I take on leadership roles. Gary was very positive and an engaging speaker.”

Thi Tina Thao Huynh, undergraduate leadership program

“I was really inspired by Gary’s leadership workshop. I learnt that to be a successful leader I have to define myself as a leader and develop myself and be ready to lead others in the future. Also, a successful leader needs to know how to form a high performing team to achieve an outcome that is equivalent to all members’ abilities. Thanks a lot Gary!”

Shengqi Penn Na, undergraduate leadership program

“Extremely helpful session which highlighted areas of leadership which I did not think about. Different models of leadership can be used in everyday life when working with others. Gary’s teaching styles are excellent.”

Mubtasim Murshed, undergraduate leadership program

“These two days have been extremely helpful in opening my eyes to what leadership is. I think this was an excellent session to develop my leadership skills and would happily come back next year.”

Sophie Trieu, undergraduate leadership program

“I was very tempted to not attend today. But I have found that it was a very valuable experience in helping me develop and understand myself, my goals and my future aspirations. Not only did Gary manage to keep me entertained for a long day, but he inspired me to be proactive in implementing a positive change in my future and effect others by making a difference in the world.”

Elonie Morris, undergraduate leadership program


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