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High Performance Leadership That MattersŪ

Workshop Overview

High Performance Leadership requires that you become a master communicator and develop the capability to form High Performing Teams. This program focuses on the necessary communication and team development skills required to produce high performance outcomes.


Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop students will have:

  • Developed your understanding of your personality preferences and understand how personality affects how you communicate;
  • Discovered the essence of effective communication in an organisational context;
  • A practical understanding of how social networking tools are used effectively within organisations;
  • Learned  key insights regarding how to use LinkedIn effectively;
  • Had an opportunity to experience a salary negotiation;
  • Experienced the Teams That Matter®formula for creating High Performing Teams;
  • Developed the capability to relate the program content to your university study groups; and
  • Had some fun through the practical activities experienced during the workshop.

Delivery Options

  • This is a one day workshop


“This workshop has given me great value on how to create and achieve a high performing team.”

Silviana, undergraduate leadership program

“I was very surprised with the high level of material that was provided via this workshop.”

Samuel Smith, postgraduate leadership program

“I have learnt a lot from this event high performance leadership. The facilitator is amazing to make the event very interesting. Thank you very much.”

Helen Chang-Tuong, postgraduate leadership program

“Gave a really good insight into how to be a part of a high performing team, as well as the different challenges that leaders face. It was definitely well worth the time.”

Anna Josland, undergraduate leadership program

“Very useful and informative presentation and facilitation. I have learnt a lot about my personality and how it affects my communication. Gary was very engaging and entertaining! I have learnt valuable strategies to enable me to work effectively in a team.”

Sahej Gabbi, undergraduate leadership program

“The workshop is interactive and very helpful and interesting. It content was relevant to the workplace and will definitely be useful when working in groups and growing as a leader. Highly recommended!”

Isabelle Nanacki, postgraduate leadership program

“The workshop is very informative and entertaining. Active participation from the audience is highly appreciated.”

Elaine Bugay, undergraduate leadership program

“Practical and lively session. Gary was great in keeping the participants active and participative. Simple and clear examples and explanation. More students should get this opportunity.”

Dinosha Herath, postgraduate leadership program

“Very in depth. Very applicable to all disciplines.”

Oscar Dellit, undergraduate leadership program

“Very engaging. Gary made the idea of leadership skills very appealing and entertaining. Would recommend!!”

David Cichocki, undergraduate leadership program

“Excellent workshop!. Made me realise my personality and how to move towards the more people-oriented team members. Group exercise – Excellent! I understand to let others work and o observe plus take note of acceptable behaviours”

Tania Ving, postgraduate leadership program

“I have learnt many tips from Gary on how to make up a part of a high performing team.”

Lan Tran, undergraduate leadership program

“Excellent coaching advice on high performing team.”

Anh Nguyen, postgraduate leadership program

“Great lecturer! Funny, interesting, knowledgeable. Had fun and was engaged.”

Nijia, postgraduate leadership program

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