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How To Deliver Service That MattersŪ

Workshop Overview

After having won multiple national awards, and mentored other leaders in winning awards, as well as his work as an Australian Service Excellence Awards Assessor, Gary Ryan was awarded the Honorary title of Senior Assessor the Australian Customer Service Institute of Australia in 2006. This workshop taps in to Gary's vast knowledge on this subject.

Students will discover an approach to service excellence that is both simple and effective when applied. As a career skill, service excellence is paramount for success, yet poorly understood and practiced by many.

Students will learn the seven key elements for the practice of service excellence through the OTM Service Strategy® and will be able to immediately apply what they learn to all aspects of their lives (including their projects and academic work).

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop students will have:

  • Related the concept of service excellence to their personal experiences;
  • Completed a process to assist them in understanding why good service is hard to remember;
  • Learned the OTM Service Strategy® ; and
  • Been able to relate their lessons about service excellence to their current life roles and experiences.

Delivery Options

  • 3 hour workshop series
  • Or added with another program to create a one day program


“Great workshop that can be applied to real life scenarios.” Jenny Lynn Serquina, undergraduate leadership program

“This workshop was very great for giving an insight into providing service excellence through empathising with all customers.” Matthew Poon, undergraduate leadership program

“An enjoyable and informative session.” Kevin Huynt, undergraduate leadership program

“This workshop gives me an understanding of service excellence that applies to most roles in my life e.g. Student, colleague etc., not just salesperson/customer service.” Tam Huynh, undergraduate leadership program

“Thank you Gary. Thanks for your class which is very useful to me.” Ronxzao Nan, undergraduate leadership program

“It is really useful to understand how to deliver service excellence.” Tsun Sing Yeung, undergraduate leadership program

“Was a very interesting workshop with some valuable and real world discussions.” Rebecca Sayers, undergraduate leadership program

“Gary is brilliant in the way he communicates his ideas in a fun and logical way. I feel consistently engaged in his lectures, and can really learn from the information he provides.” Mia Lentini, undergraduate leadership program

“Gary’s workshops are always insightful in understanding the background dynamics that take place in the workplace. Always a pleasure.” Sonia Sadrani, undergraduate leadership program

“The experience was a great eye opener!” Putu Gabriella Karmana, undergraduate leadership program

“Helped me recognise how easy and how important service excellence is.” Jacob Mc Laverty, undergraduate leadership program

“Was a good eye opener, was relevant, interesting and very practical based. Interactive.” Mates Leong, undergraduate leadership program

“Very useful especially for marketing firms, since my future career will be in the Marketing and Finance industry. Lots of practical examples and solutions that can apply into real world business.” Quyah Anh Nguyen (Linda), undergraduate leadership program

“The Service Excellence workshop was insightful and provided me with the necessary skills to understand the different customers and the necessary interactions with them.” Kenneth Chung, undergraduate leadership program

“Gary’s workshops are very relatable! He gives real life and personal examples that we can relate to. He is very engaging and there is never a moment when I zone out in his workshops. Thanks Gary!” Seerat Batra, undergraduate leadership program

“Very comprehensive and informative. This will be very useful to me from now and in the future.” Adam Trucono, undergraduate leadership program

“Very useful and engaging by using real examples. Thank you so much for your help.” Hanh Nguyen, undergraduate leadership program

“This was a valuable workshop because service excellence applies to all areas of my life, not just my job. Thankyou.” Melissa Lau, undergraduate leadership program

“The workshop helped me to improve my knowledge on customer service and service excellence. Learnt a lot throughout.” Yee Sim Tan, undergraduate leadership program


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