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The Teams That MatterŪ Formula For Creating High Performing Teams

Workshop Overview

Knowing how to establish a High Performing Team and/or how to participate as a member of a high performing team is critical for career success. Students will experience the Teams That Matter® approach for creating a High Performing Team. This workshop is practical, fun and enables students to learn through doing!

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop students will have:

  • An understanding of the seven key elements of the Teams That Matter® approach for creating High Performing Teams;
  • An understanding of how they can apply this model to their student group work, clubs & societies, volunteering, part time & full time work experiences; and
  • Had some fun!

Delivery Options

  • 3 hour workshop series
  • Or added with another program to create a one day program


“Great material and activities to gain perception into other working and personality styles and how to adjust to create high performing teams.” Matthew Poon, undergraduate

“A good learning and development experience. Really contributed to the knowledge band.” Shaffa Hussain, undergraduate

“Great for future career progression, had a lot of fun while learning about teamwork.” Benjamin Leary, undergraduate

“Good workshop, made us think about identifying and working on building our own HPT.” Neeratha Panniseluam, undergraduate

“It was interesting to see the links to the real world. I learnt a lot! It was enjoyable and fun. Very interesting group dynamics.” Rebecca Riley, undergraduate

“A very interesting an inspiring workshop that encouraged you to implement the knowledge and skills gained through this experience!” Smith Kshirsagar, undergraduate

“Fun and interactive! Useful information for not ust in the workplace, but also in situations involving group work. Would definitely recommend to others!” Dennis Tu, undergraduate

“Workshop is interesting and helpful. I really enjoyed it. I learnt a lot about team work from this workshop,” Ying Chen, undergraduate

“Helpful to find out how to work better with others in a team by taking into account their personality and perspectives into making decisions. Will be useful to apply this in the future.” Richard Lai, undergraduate

“Really fun and exciting. I really enjoyed the practical side of actually building the tower. Enjoyed the conversations we had also, it was fun. It was good getting along with everyone.” Laura Ross, undergraduate

“I think that I have learnt many invaluable lessons from the workshop. They make me more confident and ready for the coming group tasks and assignments. You have done a wonderful job!” Thein Kim Vu, undergraduate

“Really practical workshop where I learnt a lot which will certainly come in handy in the future. Thanks Gary!” Nicolette Tan, undergraduate

“This is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their understanding of how to operate in/manage a team and understand why certain team members may approach things differently.” Nanette Brown, undergraduate

“This was a great workshop as I was able to refresh what I have learnt in previous workshops. This also demonstrates that Gary’s teaching works in all situations.” Yu Hua Chang, undergraduate

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