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Organisations That Matter

What Really Matters For Undergraduate Students!

How to master 15 practices to accelerate your career

This book and Online Course, due for release in the middle of 2010 outlines 15 practices that will enable you to accelerate the early years of your career.

The 15 practices include:

  1. Choosing to get on 'the bus of opportunity'
  2. Knowing how to properly leverage part-time and volunteer work
  3. Taking control of your employability development
  4. Recruiting mentors
  5. Capturing stories that reflect your development progress
  6. Understanding and living your personal values
  7. Creating successful study group experiences
  8. Understanding your preferred roles in a team
  9. Knowing how to communicate effectively in the workplace
  10. Embracing leadership opportunities throughout your university and co-curricular experience
  11. Consciously developing your 'personal brand' as represented by social networks
  12. Understanding your deep beliefs and world views
  13. Becoming a 'student of life'
  14. Maintaining your health and fitness

If you are interested in participating in an Advanced Program that will be used to improve the beta version of the book, please contact us. Please include your interest in participating in the Advanced Program.

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