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What Really Matters For Young Professionals!

Will you be graduating from university within the next 18 months?

Are you a highly talented high achiever?

Are you concerned about securing your career and your future?

Do you really know how to leverage your talent?

Do you desire to be a highly successful Young Professional?

Listen to the Introduction Chapter below to learn about the importance of developing your Employability Skills


Access more Complimentary Insights directly from the Introduction and Practice No.4 from the book that outline:

1) What Employability Skills are and why they are important

2) Practice No.4: How What You Think Affects What You See - and how that has a massive impact upon your success

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Praise for What Really Matters For Young Professionals!

"Wow! This book is jam packed with useful and practical strategies for young professionals wanting to take the next step up in their careers. In a time where young professionals are constantly asking for more mentoring and training, this book is the perfect do-it yourself manual to improve your employability."

Alicia Curtis is a high profile Young Professional and founder of the


"What Really Matters For Young Professionals is a timely, easy to read and extremely practical book full of tips and strategies for young people. Gary Ryan has compiled a must-read blueprint for anyone under 30 who is looking to truly accelerate their career in this competitive age."

Michael McQueen is an expert on Generation Y, Professional Speaker and author of The 'New' Rules of Engagement


"This book is the definitive tool for young professionals with loads of expert knowledge who need to quickly develop high-level employability skills. It can also be used by managers and HR professionals for induction of their graduate recruits, or young at heart professionals willing to adjust to the contemporary workplace. If you want to succeed in the 21st century as a high-performing individual I recommend you read this book."

Renata Bernarde is a Relationship Manager and Career Counselor who has worked with thousands of Young Professionals


"Gary Ryan has written a book which caters for those of us who are lifelong learners and hungry for self improvement. Gary has a straightforward philosophy, intermingled with stories from his own life and theoretical underpinnings, that we are ultimately responsible to demonstrate leadership traits, irrespective of the positions we hold in our careers and with our families."

Gavin Sharp is an Organisational Psychologist who specialises in developing career strategy skills for people looking to advance their careers


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