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What Really Matters For Young Professionals Ebook

How would you like to accelerate your career today?

Are you taking full advantage of your first years of employment?

Are you consciously developing yourself and taking full advantage of the opportunities presented to you?

Are you fully aware of the opportunities that you have to accelerate your career?

If you answered "No" to any one of these three questions then we can help you to master 15 practices that will accelerate your career.

Just $14.95

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"Wow! This book is jam packed with useful and practical strategies for young professionals wanting to take the next step up in their careers. In a time where young professionals are constantly asking for more mentoring and training, this book is the perfect do-it-yourself manual to improve your employability."
Alicia Curtis

Online Checklist

Take the Online Checklist for the 15 practices that are explained in the book, What Really Matters For Young Professionals! Your results will help to quickly identify how you can use the book to accelerate your career!

This product is both for Young Professionals and/or their employers

What Really Matters For Young Professionals! How To Master 15 Practices To Accelerate Your Career is a resource that will help Young Professionals (people in the workforce with between five to ten years experience) to accelerate the speed of their career progress.

Take action, purchase the ebook now and you will be able to download the ebook immediately.

While Young Professionals are unlikely to suffer the high unemployment rates of previous generations in countries like Australia, this is not the situation in many countries throughout the world.

In the USA and the UK Young Professionals are having significant challenges finding employment. For those who are employed, even in Australia achieving promotions are a challenge because of the high competition for these opportunities. This is why continuous practical development is essential for career progression.

What Really Matters For Young Professionals! is both a resource for Young Professionals and their employers. The ebook and Online Course create a space for practical development to occur.

In these challenging economic times employers can provide the course to their Young Professionals. Alternatively, Young Professionals can invest in their own development. At less than the cost of three coffees per week over 16 weeks, the investment for becoming a high performer is minimal.

If you are an employer and would like to discuss how the ebook and Online Course can be packaged for your employees, please email .

For just $14.95 (Australian) you can download your copy of What Really Matters For Young Professionals! How To Master 15 Practices To Accelerate Your Career Ebook now. Simply click here to purchase your copy.

For more information regarding the Online Course (that includes the ebook as part of your purchase), please see the information below.

"This book is the definitive tool for young professionals with loads of expert knowledge who need to quickly develop high-level employability skills. It can also be used by managers and HR professionals for induction of their graduate recruits, or young at heart professionals willing to adjust to the contemporary workplace. If you want to succeed in the 21th century as a high-performing individual I recommend you read this book."
Renata Bernarde
Relationship Manager and Career Counselor

Would you like more information?

Interviewed by Dr Andrew O'Brien, Gary Ryan provides the background to the book and explains the key concepts that the book addresses.

For your convenience the interview has been split into small parts.

  • What was the background to the book being created?

  • What are 'Employability Skills'?

  • What is the background to the title of the book and who are Young Professionals?

  • How can Young Professionals and the more senior staff they work with connect with you?

  • How would you summarise the book?

  • Why did you develop the Online Course?

  • How might Young Professionals fund the Online Course?

What Really Matters For Young Professionals Online Learning Companion Program (includes the ebook as part of the package!)

To assist you in mastering the 15 practices outlined in What Really Matters For Young Professionals! How To Master 15 Practices To Accelerate Your Career, please check out our Online Learning Companion Program.

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