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Strategic Partnering

Strategic Partnering using the best approach to meet your requirements

Meeting your requirements is the focus of our strategic advice services and a number of options are provided to help you overcome the challenges you face and achieve the results you want.

Executive Leaders, Business Owners and Managers are the focus on our strategic advice services.

Gary’s 20 years of leadership, strategy and development achievements enable him to help you clarify the results you are seeking, identify the real obstacles and take action for success. In this context Gary with partner with you to create the outcomes you desire.

Planning, taking action, reviewing the action taken and then reflecting on both the action and the thinking behind the action taken are key elements of the learning model that underpins our approach to Strategic Partnering.

Find out more about the following services to enhance your performance:


Do you need a practical and confidential person to partner with you to improve your business?

Leadership can be a lonely job and brings a unique set of challenges. Have you ever felt you were the only one who understood and cared about the problems you are facing? Would you benefit from someone you can trust who understands the challenges you face and has the expertise to help you find solutions are take effective action?

The One to One Partner process is tailored to meet your specific needs and can include:

  • Acting as a confidant and sounding board to listen to your
    challenges and help you develop solutions
  • Providing alternatives and challenging your thinking in the way you need to be challenged but you peers and staff are unable to assist
  • Recommending strategic action to improve your business results
  • Mentoring you to develop your game plan and take effective action
  • Coaching you to develop your skills and become a more effective leader

One to One Partnering is provided face to face, on line, via telephone or in a combination and can include an at call support service.

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Do you want an expert assessment and recommendations to enhance a key aspect of your activities?

Gary’s executive leadership and development skills, combined with his success in leading teams to Service Excellence Awards, enable him to facilitate solutions that connect with people from the Boardroom to the front line. Our Desired Futures and OTM Service Strategy Assessment programs enable you to identify what needs to be done, as well as the priority actions to take to achieve the outcomes you desire.

As an executive leader you may be frustrated with advice from consultants that neglects the competing commitments and demands of ALL of your business not just specialist areas. In conducting Strategic Reviews and Assessments we provide integrated recommendations and where appropriate, manage additional specialist input to deliver effective action oriented outcomes.

Reviews and assessments include:

  • Vision and Strategy
  • Team performance and execution
  • Relationship Management
  • Customer Service
  • Organisational Development

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Would you benefit from better decision making at Board, Executive, Management or project level?

Are you frustrated with meetings that are a waste of time, strategic planning that takes forever and fails to deliver results, projects that run late and over budget, a lack of innovation and/or poor team performance?

Do you wish you had access to executive strategy and performance management skills but don’t have the budget for a full time high caliber executive leader?

We provide a Strategic Participation service to a select number of clients which involves:

  • Participating as a member of your Board, Executive Team, Advisory Group, Project Team or similar group so as to provide a strategic thinking and action oriented input at the fraction of the cost of a full time person
  • As an ongoing member of your organisation but at a fraction of the cost of a senior executive we increase our knowledge of your business which enables you to use us on a wide range of projects and tasks as required

  • The focus of strategic participation is at the leadership level with operational staff carrying out day to day functions so as provide a cost effective service as you don’t pay an executive to do tasks which can be done by others
  • You can engage Gary or one of our consultants to act as the Chairperson for a group, the facilitator or to provide strategic input, mentoring and other specific tasks
  • A key aspect of this service is the development of your people so as improve their ability to generate the results you want
  • 24 / 7 access for advice and support for your organisation

Some examples where the Strategic Participation service provides you with value include:

  • As an external Board Member
  • As a non-executive member of the executive team
  • As a mentor and coach for troubled management or project teams
  • As a strategic thinker on project teams for major initiatives
  • As a facilitator for planning, review or ongoing teams

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Do you need your executive team to have a bigger impact on your business?

Have you ever experienced problems at the executive team level when one member brings an initiative forward and other members actively work against the initiative due to lack of ownership, internal competition, feeling threatened or issues of team dynamics?

The Executive Team Partner service overcomes the challenge of a united executive in a number of ways including:

  • The Executive Team acts as the client and is involved in developing the brief so that all issues are considered at the outset
  • Regular briefings and updates are provided to the team in order to check progress, gain input and develop support for the outcome
  • Executive Team concerns are addressed as we go rather than creating problems at decision time and during implementation
  • Objections and suggestions are incorporated in the final report so as to maximise success full action and results
  • Facilitation of team dynamics can be included to enhance the ongoing performance of the executive by incorporating services including Desired Futures for Teams, Team and organisational learning facilitation, Mentoring and Development Programs

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Do you have a fully integrated and holistic plan for your personal success?

Achieving life balance is extremely challenging for many executives. The long hours, the stress, the travel, the 'big bucks' and the requirement to be 'on top of' a seemingly never-ending amount of information (just to name a few!) can make the concept of life balance just that - a concept!

Senior executives also have the added pressure that because of your seniority there is an expectation, both personally and from your team, that you have 'got it all together'. Senior executives can live in fear of being 'found out'. Their life isn't as fantastic and in control as many might think.

Creating an OTM Plan for Personal Success® is effectively the same as creating a strategic plan for your organisation, except this time it is for yourself.

A five, ten, 15 or 20 year personal strategic plan that is designed to enable you to create the personal future you desire, while identifying and maintaining your definition of balance is a personal strategic tool for success that less than 1% of people create.

Who wants to be like 99% of people?

An OTM Plan for Personal Success® places you in the driver's seat for your life. Too many 'successful' people succumb to health issues because they haven't led a balanced life. It does not have to be that way and the OTM Plan for Personal Success® creates a pathway for you to both create and achieve the personal success you desire.

More information on the OTM Plan for Personal Success® is available here.

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