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Development Programs

Programs and workshops to enhance the capability of your people and improve your results

We offer a range of development programs to assist individuals, teams and organisations to achieve the success you desire.

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Do you, your team or your organisation need to enhance the quality of your conversations?

Communication is regularly cited as a workplace problem that limits the capacity of individuals, teams and organisations to perform to their ability. We have programs to suit all levels of people and can enable leaders to connect with their people in an effective manner. The outcome - conversations that connect people and generate desired results.

  • Learn about how we can help you to create conversations that generate the results you desire. Find out more...


Is service excellence important to your success?

Many people and organisations talk about service excellence but don't deliver. Is that what you want?

Nationally recognised over many years for our own approach to service excellence, our programs ensure that you, your team and your organisation have the right alignment between people, strategy and systems to achieve the success you desire. Find out more...

Do you have an easy to use framework for establishing and enhancing your teams?

People often assume that everyone knows how to work in a team. The fact is this is not the case. While people can work in teams, they need help and structure to enable the team to perform to its potential. Our programs will enable your teams to do more and achieve the success they desire. Find out more...

True leaders never stop learning and developing. Are your development opportunities really improving your performance?

Leadership is ultimately about making positive things happen. Our leadership programs develop your capacity to create the future you desire and to establish a sustainable culture for your team, department or organisation. Find out more...

Have you heard about Servant Leadership but aren't sure what it is?

Servant Leadership evolved from the writings of Robert K Greenleaf. In simple terms Robert taught that true leadership evolves first from the desire to serve, to serve first. Leadership then extends from the desire to serve rather than being served by others which tends to be the basis of many modern approaches to leadership.

Our programs teach you about the fundamentals of servant leadership and will enable you to become a servant leader in practice. Find out more...

Would you like us to help you to facilitate your Desired Futures Program?

The ability to facilitate the learning of the people in your teams is highly underestimated. A huge benefit for facilitating programs with your people is that you are forced to deeply imbed what you are facilitating into your own practices. Our program will enable you to provide great value to others. Find out more...

Have you developed facilitation as one of your core leadership competencies?

Facilitation is a highly underestimated leadership competency. It provides leaders with an 'edge' that enables the people with whom you work to perform at their best. Our program teaches you the principles and practices of effective facilitation. Find out more...

Do you have an effective approach to Relationship Management?

A clear approach to both internal and business to business relationship management is critical for achieving high performance. many people and organisations 'talk' about relationship management, but do not have a structured and strategic approach to this strategic aspect of their business. Our programs enable you to be clear about your approach to relationship management. Find out more...

Do you have a Plan For Personal Success?

While most people would think it strange if the organisation for which they work didn't have a plan for success, the majority of people don't have a plan for themselves!

Our Plan For Personal Success Program can be tailored to meet your needs with a wide variety of options available. Find out more...

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