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Facilitation for Leaders to assist you provide great value to others

Facilitation for Leaders Program

What is the objective?

To understand and learn facilitation principles and practices that enhance the practice of leadership


Who is the audience?

This program is suitable for people in leadership positions


What is covered?

  • Introduction to facilitation
  • Leadership and facilitation
  • Facilitation approaches
  • When to facilitate and when to engage a facilitator
  • Facilitation skills
  • Facilitation tools
  • Leadership and Facilitation Self Assessment
  • User friendly models for facilitators
  • Development of Leadership and Facilitation Action Plan


How long does it last?

This program is provided as a one day program


What about follow up?

A one month follow up conference call or webinar is provided as part of this program if requested


What other programs and services do you offer to enhance this program?

A number of programs and services build on the Introduction to Servant Leadership Workshop These programs and services include:


  1. Conversation
  2. Teams That Work
  3. Leadership for Desired Futures
  4. Servant Leadership
  5. Relationships That Matter


Enhancement programs are charged separately and are not part of the fee for the Facilitation for Facilitators Program

If there is another way we can assist you in building on this course please let us know as we would love to discuss it with you.

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