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Organisations That Matter

Relationships That Matter

Have you ever had your performance negatively affected by another person, team or organisation letting you down because they didn’t do what they said they would do?

What is one business relationship that if improved would significantly enhance your organisation's performance? If you could adopt an approach that would enable you to take a step by step and logical methodology for enhancing that relationship, would you?

Our world has become so complex that success cannot be achieved alone. Full stop. Whether at an individual, team, departmental or organisational level, relationships matter. They matter because without them true success cannot be achieved.

Companies have become so lean that they need other organisations to provide vital functions for them, many of which involve direct customer contact. More than ever departments and teams within departments have to work closely with each other to achieve performance standards set by customer expectations. Individuals require support from friends and family to enable them to have the flexibility to continuously learn, perform and refresh.

Yet other than using the word ‘partnership’ too many people and organisations have little idea about ‘how’ to form such relationships.

Organisations That Matter is licensed in 0 to 10 Relationship Management® which was first created by Tony Lendrum in 1995.

0 to 10 Relationship Management® provides a framework for understanding and contextualising all types of business relationships, both internally and externally to your organisation.

The approach consists of a Storyboard approach that includes Six Principles and 5 Themes.

View a detailed interview conducted between Organisations That Matter's Gary Ryan and founder of the approach Tony Lendrum. Gary and Tony share the detail that underlies 0 to 10 Relationship Management® and provides an opportunity for you to assess if this approach is appropriate for your situation.

View the Slidecast version of the interview here (it provides clearer images of the slides)

If you would like to speak with us regarding how 0 to 10 Relationship Management® can enhance the performance of your organisation please contact us or sign up for our newsletter.

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