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Young Professionals

Take charge of your future!

Do you want to accelerate your career?

Young Professionals are people who are in the first five years of a professional career in a medium to large organisation. Keep reading if you want to accelerate your career!

How do you make the most of your first years of your professional career?

It’s one thing to get your first job. It is another to perform in such a way that opportunities just keep coming your way. It’s also another thing to be yourself, your true self. Not somebody else. Who wants to be somebody else, anyway? Not you, that’s for sure!

So here’s your problem. So far you have done everything right. You have performed well at university, achieved the required grades and have been impressive enough in your overall development to obtain a great first job. But you’re still not sure that this is the career that you want to be in. You want to stand out and you want to perform well, yet to have to do some things in your role that you’d prefer not to have to do. If you’re in a graduate position you may even be rotated into an area that is just not right for you.

What do you do? How do you make the most of those early years so that you have more choice and more control over your future. How do you embrace some of the experiences described above to give yourself the best opportunity to be earning at the top end of your salary package range while also enjoying your work? These are big questions, but they do have answers.

You could be like everyone else, do your best and hope that your organisation ‘does the right thing’ by you. Nice strategy. It might even work. No doubt there are many organisations who have fantastic development programs. But you’re relying too much or solely on your organisation to develop you is, well risking too much...

There are ways for you to take control of your development and start to achieve what’s possible. There are some tried and true practices that really matter, but not everyone does them. This is your opportunity.


Imagine if you had access to insights and practices that aren’t rocket science, yet are rarely practiced. Imagine the advantage over other people at the same stage of their career that these insights and practices could provide. Imagine if this was you!

So what are these insights and practices?

Complete the What Really Matters For Young Professionals Checklist to measure yourself against the 15 practices that really matter for Young Professionals.

How can you access these insights and services?

Organisations That Matter provide a range of services to organisations to develop their Young Professionals. In addition, Organisations That Matter provides services directly to Young Professionals. These services include:

  1. Reading What Really Matters For Young Professionals!
  2. Completing an Online Course
  3. Creating Desired Futures for Individuals
  4. Coaching and Mentoring Services
  5. Skill Development Programs
  6. Visit OTM Academy TV
  7. Join The OTM Academy
  8. Keynote speeches


To find out more please:

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